Sick of it
2004-06-24 14:54:32 ET

No more robo tripping for me for a long long LONG time. I'm sick of not going to sleep. I'm sick of sitting in a darkened bathroom thinking I'm climbing up a tower. I'm sick of running around annoying the shit out of everyone turning off every goddamn light in the house. And I'm sick of wanting to kill everything that crosses my path the day after I trip. Drugs are bad, mmkay?

On a lighter side, I have to mail like 2 things to East Georgia College, and then I'll pretty much be registered and accepted there for class. Boy that's going to be a change, going to a REAL college for once with real people. At least now all the women won't be married with fifteen children. Ooh and classrooms with 8009384983 people in them. That'll be scary :D

2004-06-24 16:22:02 ET

Robo tripping is BAD, it makes you SICK, so don't do it. I like having a Matt around.
I hope you get into this class.

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