what's wrong with people?
2004-06-25 17:18:12 ET

I'm sitting here arguing with a friend about stuff. He tells me I'm so incomplete as a person because I'm bored. and it's like.. Uh no dude, I've done everything there is to do at my house. Once you've completed things, they get old. I've played out all my damn games, I've done everything. Therefore I need to get out. Yet he can't seem to grasp that concept. bah.. people annoy me.

2004-06-27 11:28:52 ET

Maybe he means because you sit around complaining of being bored but don't go out and do something about it...or maybe it's that you need to revisit childhood, raid your kitchen and make pots, pans, and silverware ballads. There are millions of things you can do around your house...one day I went through my hallway closet and read the labels on all the products... Solarcane had something that said "Warning: DO NOT SPRAY UP ANUS" so I called my best friend and together we wrote a short story about someone who did just that. Imagination is a wonderful thing.

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