Muscly Xani? Muhaha
2004-07-01 10:43:13 ET

Craziness. Yes, I'm getting muscular. I haven't done drugs in quite a while, and I don't want to. I don't want to smoke pot, drink cough syrup, or get drunk. Screw drugs. I've got my excersize to do what drugs do. Natural highs kick ass yes they do. I'm up to doing about 150 pushups a day in sets ranging from 25-35. I do curls, with 10 pound weights, and an assortment of other excersizes with the weights that build strength. Needless to say, you can tell I'm getting some nice muscle tone. I've gained about 5 pounds or so. :D And I feel great. So yeah, there's me update for today.

2004-07-01 10:48:39 ET

hooray for a healthy lifestyle! YAY!!!
Here's to laying off substances!
*does dance in celebration*

2004-07-01 10:52:29 ET

Hooray for helthylyness! do you do low weight with lots of reps or high weight with few reps?

2004-07-01 10:56:40 ET

Low weight with lots of reps

2004-07-01 10:59:00 ET

Bah that builds the "bad" kind of muscle\
It counts as cardio

so it's all good

2004-07-01 11:01:00 ET

Bad kind of muscle? I know it doesn't do much. But I really can't lift that much weights. I'm really not that great on physical stuff. TEll me a little about it?

2004-07-01 11:30:48 ET

As Far As I know when you do low weight and high reps you do get a bit stronger and you muscles do get bigger.

But when you do high weight and low reps you build more muscle but it's lean and smaller but stronger

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