First gross, now cool as hell!
2004-08-09 11:47:47 ET

Now -that- is funny. They've even got one for the black death! Haha.

2004-08-09 12:03:21 ET

oh yeah, the bubonic plague does still exist..there are outbreaks every year..

2004-08-09 12:06:40 ET

Yeah. Good ole' third world countries. And those rabid hobos that live in my neighborhood

2004-08-09 12:07:01 ET

hahaha funny every time i see that site

2004-08-09 12:07:24 ET

yeah, actually it breaks out here in america pretty often you really should watch out for those hobos..

2004-08-09 12:08:52 ET

Thankfully there aren't any rabid hobos that live in my neighborhood. Micro-biology eh? I'm actually thinking about doing that in college. Or something along the lines. I really am going to try to go into genetic engineering.

2004-08-09 12:09:46 ET

aah...good ol'genetic engineering...make ne a bunnycat will you?

2004-08-09 12:11:11 ET

Gladly. And if you get preggers ever, I can make your child super cool like me. Of course, it'd be pretty hard hard to make anyone -that- astoundingly cool!

2004-08-09 16:21:29 ET

Hee, Dave was going to buy me one of those.

2004-08-10 05:50:27 ET

well yes it would be hard to make someone as astoundingly cool as you...but yay! i get a bunnycat!

2004-08-10 23:54:50 ET

Hahaha. Yesh. Bunnycat for you. And while we're at it...I'll make you one of these:

Which is just cool as all hell.

2004-08-11 05:37:14 ET

.... that is the biggest perversion of cute EVER

2004-08-11 09:24:19 ET

that is so freakin' cool it defies words...

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