Have I posted this?
2004-08-11 13:21:29 ET

I know I've posted this I think, but I'm way too lazy to go look back and find it.


Normally, I don't pay that much attention to astrology stuff, but in all honesty I know that's just me. Seriously, perfect description.

So yeah, waiting for hours today to get registered for classes. What a fucking nightmare. I waited literally 3 hours in line just to get my classes set up. I did meet this cute girl though, I had seen her when I took the SAT, and finally started speaking to her today. Hurray for me. Maybe I'll see her around sometime.

2004-08-11 13:23:33 ET

Neat! Don't be shy--be straight forward to get what you want.

2004-08-11 13:28:05 ET

I'll be somewhat shy until I'm familiar with my new surroundings. But once I'm used to it and have friends.. I'll have whatever I want whenever I want. It just seems to work that way most of the time.

2004-08-11 13:34:02 ET

I meant with the girl.

2004-08-11 13:35:31 ET

I know. And that's what I mean also. I will continue being somewhat shy to whoever, until I'm completely comfortable where I am. And currently, I'm not. It'll take a month or so.

2004-08-11 13:37:22 ET

That's actually healthy.

2004-08-11 13:38:47 ET

Just like an animal. I love it. I get to prove the weakness of our species every day of my life.

2004-08-11 13:39:35 ET

Awe. But for every weakness, humans have excelled in 10 other things.

2004-08-11 14:13:17 ET

sometimes it's creepy how well astrology fits....i'm the perfect example of a scorpio...and rivet is so damn gemini it's almost a crime..

2004-08-11 14:18:53 ET

You guys all know each other personally?

2004-08-11 14:22:08 ET

rivet, kagekun and i...i know a couple others casually...
but rivet is one of my best friends

2004-08-11 14:22:12 ET

Oh, yeah. There's a huge group of us in Cali.

2004-08-11 14:50:14 ET

Wow, that's so cool. Now let me come live with you! *grin*

2004-08-11 14:51:26 ET

*laughs* If you transferred out here...I could probably hook you up with a roommate.

2004-08-11 15:01:20 ET

Don't tempt me. Then again the problem is that I don't have any money or a car. OR a license. driving scares me. But you can still show me pictures of said roommate :D

2004-08-11 15:09:05 ET

*laughs* Male roommate, silly. Are you bi? The driving phobia--I had that. I just got my license this year. You have to force yourself.

2004-08-11 15:11:03 ET

yeah, see here in california driving is a bit of an extreeme sport..

2004-08-11 20:47:49 ET

oh.. Yeah, Actually I am bi.. what do you know?

2004-08-11 20:50:26 ET

Really? Or are you another one of those sarcastic guys?

2004-08-11 21:06:33 ET

No, my god. Oh.. My prostate and my dildo go along so well. I just need to find a man currently. Mmm

2004-08-11 21:38:46 ET

Nevermind. I don't even want to know...o_0

2004-08-11 22:03:56 ET

*snuggles* Yes, men are great. They can do things women cannot! Well, somewhat at least. I was thinking about a man, but I realized... They're expendable. Seriously. I I get with a guy, they could die and I wouldn't give a darn. I realized this with the boyfriend I kept for a day, and decided never to talk to him again. Now I understand the female perspective *cackle*

2004-08-12 08:23:38 ET

men are like kleenex...strong soft and disposable....

2004-08-12 08:44:31 ET

Perhaps there are some aspects of your sexuality, Xan, that you have not come to grips with yet. I think the problem you're having has been found, sweetie.

2004-08-12 11:53:33 ET

Eh? My problem has been found? What am I missing here that you're insinuating hmm?

2004-08-12 23:58:15 ET

You'll figure it out. I'm just gonna sit back and relax now.

2004-08-13 07:02:13 ET

Amusing. You've now left me wondering what you're talking about. How cruel!

2004-08-13 12:25:11 ET

she is a gemini...

2004-08-13 14:11:08 ET

I can't remember.. I think Aquarius goes with gemini, sagitarius, and uh...Libra maybe? Or aries.. or something.

2004-08-13 14:48:32 ET

i never remember that stuff...i just know that gemini's are the bane of my existance

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