2004-08-12 06:34:23 ET

In exactly 15 years, I'm beginning the extermination act. I will begin the systematic annihilation of the human race for fun and joy. So, prepare to be annihilated humans. Tell your loved ones goodbye.

However, I'm not exactly sure how I will go about such a thing. But I think it'd be fun. Real fun. Have a nice day.

2004-08-12 06:43:11 ET

having a bad day?

2004-08-12 06:55:43 ET

I haven't really had a -good- day since I was with allysia. Er.. 3 months ago.

2004-08-12 07:44:55 ET

I think you're going to hit a road block with your plan.... ME I'm really not up for watching someone kill my family or myself so.... yeah good luck with that

2004-08-12 11:54:16 ET

Bah, Foiled again.. Arrrrgggh *foiled super villian moan*

2004-08-12 11:57:38 ET

well hey If you agree to give me the choice of who we spare I'll join you!

2004-08-12 13:00:07 ET

Okay, we can spare a few people. We do have to rebuild the human race into something better you know. So yes, anyone who wishes to partake, can have people they want to be kept alive.

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