OOPS! Depression!
2004-08-12 06:47:05 ET


Yeah, what we've got there is amusing. But what we have here is oops depression brand Matt. Dunno, it sucks. I usualy am happy, and I've been happy for a while.. But.. hmm...not now. Thus my previous journal entry. People could be dying all around me and I'd be laughing right now. uhm. Yeah. I really am going to annihilate you all one day, however.

2004-08-12 08:35:03 ET

hey! annihilating everyone is my territory buddy..back off!

and chocodonuts rule!

2004-08-12 08:56:55 ET

You certainly are not the typical aquarius, Xan. You're acting like a Scorpio or an Aries.

2004-08-12 09:03:51 ET

there is nothing wrong with acting like a scorpio...

2004-08-12 09:04:29 ET

If you're an Aquarius there is!!!

2004-08-12 09:14:01 ET

there is never anything wrong with acting like a scorpio...we are just that cool...

2004-08-12 09:22:20 ET

*rolls uncontrollably on floor while pointing and laughing at Autumn*

2004-08-12 09:29:05 ET

hey now...

2004-08-12 11:51:12 ET

Heh. I'm a mix of just about everything at all times usually. It's all good I suppose.

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