2004-08-17 13:43:41 ET

Today was definitely...entertaining. wake up at 10, go back to sleep, wake up at 11:40 and call crystal to meet for lunch. Good stuff. Finally go up to the college for my 2:00 class around 1 or so. So I wander around. Talk to random people, smokes cigarettes, and ask for the time every five minutes. Good stuff. I realize today that I really really really need a cell phone. Ayup.

English was amusing. The professor there was just slightly hilarious. And with an Irish accent to. He talked about his grading scale.. and if your essays suck, you get a Z. A freaking Z. Z Z Z Z don't ask. That's a bad nasty grade though. Somewhere along the lines -245 I'm quite sure.

Lovely girl from registration is in my English class. Woohoo. Started flirting today. *grin* A walk with her to her class because she was lost, and a few added "you're quite pretty" comments here and there. All in all, everything is going quite nicely. Now, I have to read 100 pages of macroeconomics before 8:00 am. Hah, like that'll ever happen. I'm around if any of you are up for a chat. Much love <3

2004-08-17 14:09:49 ET

What are you doing for your English class?

2004-08-17 14:12:38 ET

Ah... It's a composition class. Which'll mean essays up the ass. interesting grading system though. If you fail all your papers up until the last two, and get an A on those, you'll make an A in the class.

2004-08-17 19:12:48 ET

I finally have something entertaining about my life to post, and only one person comments! Bah you all!

2004-08-17 19:14:44 ET


2004-08-17 19:19:21 ET

hahaha. So sweet, aren't you?

2004-08-17 20:06:12 ET

yeah but don't let it get around it ruins my evil factor

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