exciting times indeed
2004-08-18 05:21:56 ET

It is now 10:22 am, and I have another.. hmm 5 hours before my next class. So I get to sit here on campus for a long long while, and wait.. waiting is great. Actually for the past hour and a half I sat on the same bench and just idly gazed at people. A time of reflection I suppose. Eventually several people came along that I knew, and now I find myself here; in the lovely Zach S. Henderson library sitting here writing this very journal! Woohoo.

5 more hours I get to take the dreaded speech class. They really aren't so bad, I actually enjoy them when I'm hyped up on caffiene. Making a speech becomes so simplistic at that point in time. Whee.

So yeah. Sitting here waiting waiting waiting. Luckily, my buddy Audrey doesn't have class until 3 either! So.. uhm. Yeah. Good stuff.

2004-08-18 07:41:51 ET

it's always good to have time off between classes.

2004-08-18 08:12:02 ET

when i have space like that between classes i have to work

2004-08-18 11:22:45 ET

i used to love having time off inbetween classes...

2004-08-18 14:53:23 ET

Speech classes are the best of the best of the best!

2004-08-18 16:51:55 ET

Er, how are speech classes the best of the best? Psh. I'm in there with a bunch of complete cocks.

2004-08-19 07:52:18 ET

Why the fuck are you in school already.

2004-08-19 10:42:11 ET

i'd prolly have to pull out my poems for public speaking classes. Maybe get extra credit cuz i try to read once a week.

2004-08-19 12:06:47 ET

Err? Why the fuck am I in school... already?

2004-08-19 14:26:10 ET

My classes start Monday.

2004-08-19 16:55:08 ET

Mine don't start until the first.

2004-08-19 17:12:45 ET

Ah. When do you guys get out? I'm done like december 9th or so.

2004-08-19 19:29:56 ET

like...the following WEEK.


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