My day just got.... nice
2004-08-20 09:56:26 ET

Yes, yes my day is turning out quite nicely. First time I get financial aid for school so far was today. I went up to get my check, and hurray for me. I'm the proud owner of 2600 bucks including the money I have in the bank. I guess I"ll be moving out... real... soon.

2004-08-20 10:00:33 ET

$2600 is approximately 1/5th of my student loan debt right now.

2004-08-20 10:12:34 ET

Student loans? Heh. I'll never take out a loan until I'm in maybe.. graduate school. It's Not necessary. Tuition is only like 1000. Then when I get hope, all that tuition will be covered.

2004-08-20 10:13:01 ET

Yeah well I WANTED a popsicle but its way to cold on my teeth. YA KNOW

2004-08-20 10:13:28 ET

Tuition's $1000? AHAHAHahahaha that's awesome.

It was $4500/yr at my college.

2004-08-20 10:16:50 ET

Yeah, well what the hell are you doing in school? sheesh

2004-08-20 10:17:54 ET

It was 'art' school.

2004-08-20 10:21:09 ET

Pfft. Is that degree making you any money now? Or did you waste the money to get a degree that's not going to help you now...?

2004-08-20 10:22:23 ET


2004-08-20 10:22:29 ET

Who said I got the degree? *chuckle* I quit school halfway through because it was killing my desire to create art.

As it is, I'm doing freelance art that's paying me rather nicely, sans degree, and I get to create what I want on the side.

2004-08-20 10:36:06 ET

Awesome! That's cool. :) I always wanted to do artsy stuff, but I suck when it comes to actual paper art.

2004-08-20 10:39:42 ET

I love so many art genres.. I don't think I'd be happy doing just one.

2004-08-20 12:54:40 ET

Art and poetry are more of things that i believe only you yourself can nuture and flourish. Some teacher telling you what to do and grading you is only going to form you in their image or how they think your work should be. It needs to be you, not you impersonating someone else's vision of what "good" art is.

2004-08-20 12:59:49 ET

Thus, they can all kiss my lily white ass of doom.

2004-08-20 13:05:10 ET

Lily white ass of doom? where do you pull that from?

But yeah, i've tried studied otehr people's work, like Ginsberg, even bought some more of other peoples stuff and read more to influence and pull more ideas than to just sit there and learn from some conformist factory employee that has a certificate saying they know literary science.

2004-08-20 13:18:50 ET


2004-08-20 13:21:53 ET

worked on rhyming this morning here:

I will not budge
nor will i indulge
in your silly shennanigans
ever again.

See? I can rhyme. sorta.

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