Interesting party
2004-08-28 23:30:07 ET

Well that was a lovely party we had, we were starting to get big until this fucking idiot slit his arm with a fillet knife and bled all over my apartment. Gah. Stupid drunk morons, kill yourself elsewhere kay?

2004-08-29 02:56:48 ET

what an idiot. Why did he have the knife out to begin with

2004-08-29 05:29:02 ET

damn...i hate it when morons do stupid crap like that...and you really need to idiot proof your apartment before the next party..

2004-08-29 09:57:12 ET

Aparrently he does shit like this. I dunno. I heard the last party they had, the guy was off in the bathtub crying or some shit. It's like, goddamn man. Keep the alcohol away from that dude. Jesus god that was creepy. So like, everyone is following him around, ripping up shirts to stop the bleeding and shit. And me and my roommate Bruce are just like. "Dude, what a fucking idiot. I can't believe that moron did shit like that." Neither of us really had any sympathy for him. We went upstairs and smoked a bowl instead of follow the crowd.

2004-08-30 13:17:30 ET

my friend becky is odd when drunk too. every time i've been with her and drunk she's broken down and cried...

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