2004-08-29 12:10:04 ET

Ya know? I don't exactly think I'm gonna move out. I wonder if I can go up to the complex tomorrow and get out of that lease? I haven't moved shit in, it's not clean yet, it has no smoke detector... And other stuff. I don't exactly have the money guaranteed yet to be able to live there for a full year, so... I think I'll wait. Keep my 2000 from financial aid, have a decent semester this go around, and then move out next semester.

I mean.. goddamn, parties every weekend, people'll be using my damn bathroom to do shit in. I dunno.

2004-08-29 13:37:27 ET

Sounds like a plan to me....

Party people are such bastards with spilling and doing their lamer drugs in other peoples houses

2004-08-30 13:18:41 ET

could just put up a "OUT OF ORDER" sign up on your bathroom door.

2004-08-30 16:09:32 ET

Nah, I actually went to the office and I'm changing apartments tomorrow. I still haven't moved all my shit into 116, so I got a new one a few doors down. That way, I'm still close to the party, and yet I can not trash my own fucking place.

2004-08-31 12:33:31 ET

that's cool.

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