fucking hell!!!
2004-08-31 11:05:23 ET

Man, I got ripped off today. Walked off, and didn't realize I left my bag sitting there. Someone stole it. Heh, took my apartment key, my 90 dollar book, and a test that's due at 8 am tomorrow. This day officially blows. Not to mention these fuckers STILL HAVEN'T CLEANED MY APARTMENT!

2004-08-31 11:34:47 ET

times like these you could have benefitted from a tacking device.

2004-08-31 12:38:38 ET

so u mean to tell me they stole from you and didn't clean ur apartment? THOSE BASTARDS! THAT'S EVEN WORSE THAN THEM STEALING FROM YOU! next time, i suggest hidding items in the clutter, thus making them have to look for them or force them to clean up.

2004-08-31 17:00:04 ET

Does that mean you decided to move in afterall??? I'm curious.

2004-08-31 18:18:48 ET

I changed apartments. I moved a few rooms down, so I don't hvae to have parties in my apartment, I can simply go over to theirs and party.

Also, I didn't have a choice. They told me that since I signed the lease, even though I haven't moved my things in, I'm still legally bound to it. So yeah, I'm screwed.

2004-09-01 11:55:39 ET

Just enjoy having your own space.

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