2004-09-07 20:18:47 ET

Hmmm I love this cable and soulseek. I've downloaded a crapload of random stuff. Bunch of juno reactor, wumpscut, funker vogt, final fantasy stuff, and then there's the stuff that you wouldn't believe I listen to: Linkin Park Breaking the Habit, Hey Ya by Outkast, and I hate Everything About you by Three days grace. Ahhh I need recommendations for good music kids.

2004-09-07 20:21:24 ET


2004-09-07 20:46:22 ET

If you like punk at all...
Toy Dolls
Darkest of the Hillside Thickets
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Tom Waites
John Lee Hooker
Stevie Ray Vaughn

Just strange...
Soul Coughing
They Might Be Giants
M. Doughty

2004-09-08 15:39:45 ET

Ah but ape, if a man is going get punk, you might as well give him early punk so he can hear where it all started from:
The Clash
The Sex pistols.

Just Strange:

Camper Van Beethoven (think if Butthole Surfers were country and u'd be about right)
The Eels (think if cold play had a toy piano in half their songs and u'd be close)
E (ditto)

Lloyd Cole (particularly the songs Vicious, and Brazil)
Lloyd Cole and the Commotions-Mister Malecontent



ohgr (ogre from skinny puppy is in it)
12 rounds
revolting cocks
front line assembly
sister machine gun.

also, check any of my entries, there's always a good song for every entry (though they dont always match what mood the entry is all about).

2004-09-08 15:40:42 ET

mmmmm mmmm pigface

2004-09-09 11:17:18 ET

also... i 'd like to correct myself. 12 rounds is a goth/art/weird/alternative band. Not industiral. And all the punk bands mention suck at singing. and sometimes at playing their instruments. But the message is beautiful and raw. Thus they are loved by the klemmy.

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