2004-09-11 14:46:07 ET

Second football game of the season I believe, I just got back. Left at halftime when it started to rain. It was.. pathetic. we had 58-0. So there was no point in staying.

2004-09-11 16:56:27 ET

I thought you were saying that YOU played football, and I giggled. ;)

2004-09-12 10:05:45 ET

Me? Play with the ball of feet? Surely you jest!

2004-09-12 13:34:03 ET

That's why I thought it was so funny. ;)

2004-09-12 15:03:05 ET

he goes for the boys in spandex pants ^_^

2004-09-13 18:50:27 ET

Ya'll are unstoppable!

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