2004-09-14 17:18:26 ET

I love satirical writings. If you ever get a chance to read A modest proposal by Jonathan Swift, do it. you won't regret it. I EAT BABIES!

2004-09-14 17:22:40 ET

Hahah. That's one of the best pieces EVER.

2004-09-14 18:27:48 ET

I think it's rather reasonable. I mean, we eat other animals... and there's far too many babies out there.

I don't know if I'm serious or not. Ehehe heh he...... eh...

2004-09-14 18:35:29 ET

Don't meat eat babies!!!

2004-09-14 19:15:43 ET

2004-09-14 19:17:31 ET

It's something from a long time ago that's an inside joke that I wasn't a part of and I can't remember who was anymore.

But I know it was said by Vasa.

2004-09-14 19:53:24 ET

Oh, that makes sense now. Sort of. Not really. But still!
*gives Warped a cookie*

2004-09-14 20:06:45 ET

*sits quietly in the corner and nibbles on the cookie*

2004-09-15 04:09:35 ET

Damn right. Good old times. And yes, Syb, that really is one the greatest pieces of writing ever.

2004-09-16 09:21:32 ET

one fellow on fictionpress wrote an interesting piece about alll the animals in the world going extinct so they started to eat babies instead, justifiying that then there were no babies...O_O

2004-09-16 09:53:21 ET

Babies are evil. Can't you tell?

..It's in their eyes...

2004-09-18 11:23:59 ET

we just read that the other day in my eng class

2004-09-18 12:38:27 ET

Rofl. What english class? Composition 1? Because that's where I just read it :D

2004-09-19 08:08:11 ET


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