Me drinking = bad
2004-09-18 08:59:59 ET

I was drunk last night, at a party in my apartment complex. This girl was there, hitting on me, and she kissed me. She had gotten broken up with her boyfriend of 5 years two before beforehand. So everyone is telling me not to touch her. That's the funny thing about ex boyfriends, they still think they have some warped kind of fucking control over their woman after THEY BROKE UP WITH THEM. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! The ex's roommate was there, told me if I kissed her again he'd come over there and beat my ass. I told him that'd be great, because then we'd be in a fight and I haven't fought in a while. And he was all telling me that 20 other people would help him. So at this point, I'm so fucking pissed off. I went home and got a knife, and came back. I sat there for... a while waiting for him to say some more shit to me. I remember sitting there crying because nobody there would talk to me, and the only person who would wasn't 'allowed' to. I remember putting a cigarette out on my hand also. Nasty looking wound there right now. Fucking humans, I hate you all.

It's so funny, this is a regular repeating occurrence. I hate standing outside the window and looking in, and that's how it has always fucking been. I fit in nowhere.

2004-09-18 09:02:33 ET

Heh, i have friends who put ciggs out on thier hands.

Kinda crazy

2004-09-18 20:22:14 ET

God, that's some crazy shit.

2004-09-19 07:35:58 ET

i dunno, u go waving a knife, and i dont know u, i dont think i'd talk to you either, But since i know u, i'd talk to u. though putting the cig out on urself would kinda creep me out. though that whole last part... i feel you on that. cuz i feel like that when at a party too. That i really dont fit in... mostly when sober.

2004-09-20 06:06:55 ET

... you had to go get a knife? you're not always armed?

2004-09-20 12:27:20 ET

Self Help Book or not--You've let yourself get sucked into this idea of what being young is supposed to be. You don't have to go to parties where young girls who don't know you start licking your face. You don't need to drink. And this anger that seems to have a hold on you--you certainly don't need that. Look at the big picture, Matt. See that great big world out there? Outside of that party? Outside of that girl? Grab it by the balls and own it, sweetie. There's so much more you could experience.

2004-09-20 14:14:28 ET

u're still a self help book lol

2004-09-21 11:40:21 ET

Yeah, I know. I can't help it. I like Matt and I don't want to see him so lost. A person taking a knife BACK to a party after confrontation is not a healthy way to express defense or anger. That'll just get a person arrested and he's a student. Not good.

2004-09-21 11:43:13 ET

yes, that's not a good thing. the even better thing is that nothing did happen, but HE BETTER NOT TRY THAT SHIT AGAIN!

2004-09-21 11:45:21 ET

I felt a bit desperate when I read this entry, indeed. I felt like the author perhaps doesn't realize how he sounds. Even though a girl cannot be owned, when another person steps into a situation and asks you not to do something in their house--you're better off finding something better to do. A fight isn't worth the consequences anymore. If you don't go to jail, you could be sued. Or something worse by someone worse. You're better than that, Matt.

2004-09-21 11:46:41 ET

hey i've put cigg's out in my hands before... it's quite exhilirating...

:::nods::: anyways best of luck with everything...

oh and i often feel like i'm outside lookin' in... but i think it's mostly because i'm just not right in the head... i could be wrong...

2004-09-21 11:48:20 ET

Do you burp aloud and scratch your crotch as well? *laughs*

2004-09-21 11:50:11 ET

sometimes... well i burp silently... i call it a skill... but crotch scratching is a must... but who doesn't... if it itches... ya scratch it

2004-09-21 11:50:49 ET

damn right gabe. u must scratch the boys

2004-09-21 11:51:22 ET

\m/ tis absolutely correct \m/

2004-09-21 11:51:40 ET

How incredibly classy you two are. Ever thought about having manners?

2004-09-21 11:53:17 ET

April, you're so Mommyish. :D

2004-09-21 11:53:41 ET

well manners only take ya so far... but bodily functions last a lifetime... enjoy it while it lasts... is what i like to say

2004-09-21 12:01:35 ET

Mommyish? A little. A little mommyish, a little classy and a lot mature.

2004-09-21 12:02:19 ET


2004-09-21 12:02:37 ET

u make it sound like we do it all the time. If i'm in public, i'm not going to go out and itch my balls, it's aint happening. but in private, no one else is watching...hello.

2004-09-21 12:04:00 ET

No one mentioned the scratching of balls being done behind closed doors. We were talking about Matt at a party and so on.

2004-09-21 12:05:54 ET

Talking about, or lecturing?

2004-09-21 12:06:10 ET

you brought up the scratching of the balls though... and if i do it... i make sure no one is watching... usually

2004-09-21 12:09:26 ET

Apollyon: *giggle* That's a plus.

Nuclear: I consider Matt a friend. Matt made a post about taking a knife to a party. I have formed an opinion about such actions. I am being a friend in expressing to him this opinion and until HE tells me to bow out, I won't. But thank you for your concern. And please refer to me by my handle and not my name, thank you.

2004-09-21 12:10:57 ET

hahaha... :-) i try to do my best to keep it on the downlow...

2004-09-21 12:13:48 ET

cuz we're gangplaying thugs arent we gabe?

2004-09-21 12:15:35 ET

Thug? Klemmy a thug? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! .....Ahahahahah!!! I luv you Klemmy.

2004-09-21 12:15:42 ET

ezacktly right yo... gots ta be all dat i can be... and be like a serious banga yo... non a dat pussy shit ya know... hardcore shit goin' down heer

2004-09-21 12:16:00 ET


2004-09-21 13:26:33 ET

Alright then, be a bitch, I was just stating my opinion. Rivetangel. When I originally posted, I was joking around with you.

2004-09-21 13:29:44 ET

wooo no reason for us to get all hasty... lets step back and access the situation we gots goin' here... no need for hurt feelings and stumped toes

2004-09-21 14:22:00 ET

Hmmm. Name calling. How sad.

2004-09-21 15:08:50 ET

i dunno gabe, chick fights are fascinating even online... but u are right, no getting hasty.

2004-09-21 15:19:48 ET

that they are... but it's just never fun to see people not getting along :-(... it's all in good fun

2004-09-21 16:37:16 ET

Conflict is bad, kids. Thanks for your concern everyone. <3 to you all, I was just drunk. Weird shit happens when I've had a bad day and I drink. But yes indeedy, thanks very much for your concern, a nd I love you all.

You two quit arguing or being all hateful to each other, or I'll disown you both.

2004-09-21 16:41:27 ET

am i included in the love??

2004-09-21 16:52:16 ET

Yes, yes you are. The fact remains the same, when I'm drunk I'm an idiot.

2004-09-21 18:05:29 ET

:-) love to you as well \m/...

ehhh i'm completely retarded when i'm drunk... but i guess it's fun sometimes...

2004-09-21 19:39:47 ET

Couldn't really care less, actually.

I personally though jumping on someone's page and completely looking down on them to show just how mature you are was pretty sad myself.

It started as a joke, sweetheart. Stop taking yourself so seriously.

2004-09-21 19:42:09 ET

whoa whoa... so many hurtful words... lets try to be the bigger people... she didn't mean it as such...

people just think differently is all

2004-09-21 19:42:49 ET

I didn't really see anything hurtful in there, nor did I mean there to be.

2004-09-21 19:45:06 ET

yea but it was so serious :'(... it scared me

2004-09-21 19:47:58 ET

Eh, I don't really care about the whole thing. At no point in time did I really mean to be agressive about anything, I was just kind of thinking that it seemed as if she just got on here and was like blah blah I'm so mature you're so stupid Matt let me pee in your hair. Ok, so the let me pee in your hair was all me. But still, I don't know.

Sorry Rivet.

2004-09-21 19:49:55 ET

hahaha... nah the pee in the hair part made me giggle... :-) but thanx for the apology...
no reason for everyone to get in a fuss over somethin' small...

2004-09-21 19:52:20 ET


2004-09-21 19:55:40 ET

\m/ we should all rejoice in happiness... and stuff like that... uhm... sins of the flesh sort of stuff... it's not everybodies way... but if it makes ya smile... it makes ya smile \m/

like i always say, 'be patient, modest, and kind'... 'yea right fuck that lets have fun'...
i try to live by those words... :::sighs::: so full of meaning, inspiration
i wanna dance

2004-09-22 10:03:44 ET

First off, I didn't once inuslt Nuclear or take things so seriously that it came to name calling. That was all on her. Second, I wasn't bringing on conflict at all--again--all Nuclear. I've been very patient with her insults, actually.
Third, Nuclear also said this:
"I personally though jumping on someone's page and completely looking down on them to show just how mature you are was pretty sad myself."
How is it that you think you know what my intentions are, Nuclear? You think that just because I show concern for a friend's actions that I'm trying to prove myself? My comments about the knife weilding were first of all to Matt, not a 16 year old girl who can't find a better way to express herself than through profanity. And finally--how many times are you going to insult me and then try to candy coat it so that I don't feel your passive aggressiveness? Cuz I think I may have caught each one, dear.

2004-09-22 10:37:49 ET

wooo :::shivers::: i think it just got cold in here...

2004-09-22 12:58:00 ET

::Shivers too:: i think it might be a draft

2004-09-22 13:50:17 ET

I'm not where you got this name calling business. I said be a bitch then, not HEY RIVETANGEL, YOU'RE A BIG FAT BITCHY ATTENTION GETTING WHORE. No no, I just said be a bitch. I said something, and you took it wrong. I may have said something that you took wrong as well, because until then I didn't mean anything by it.

And - pray tell - does my age have to do with this? Not one goddamned thing.

I apologized because I shouldn't have said some of the things the way I did. I don't say things ever just to be saying them. So, be mad if you prefer, it'll all gravy with me, but my apology still stands.

2004-09-22 13:52:19 ET

i need to be held :::tear:::... i'm scared klem...

2004-09-22 13:55:30 ET

::Holds Gabe:: thought the fighting was over but apparently not...

2004-09-22 13:56:54 ET

me 2... just don't let go... i don't think i can handle much more of the bickering.. it scares me when they fight... :'(... i just want peace and happenis....

2004-09-22 13:59:26 ET

::wont let go till the cat fight is way over::

2004-09-22 14:01:12 ET

:::looks up from shoulder::: can i get a kiss :::blinks:::

2004-09-22 14:09:31 ET

sure ::romantically kisses Gabe::

2004-09-22 14:10:26 ET

:::fireworks::: that was wonderful :::dreamy eyed:::

2004-09-22 14:11:59 ET


2004-09-22 14:12:38 ET

i could just fall asleep in your arms... and be the happiest person ever :::sighs:::

2004-09-22 14:20:01 ET

then do so

2004-09-22 14:24:36 ET

:::snuggles up:::

2004-09-22 14:34:05 ET

aw u look so cute that way

2004-09-22 14:34:34 ET

thank you :::blushes:::

2004-09-22 14:36:49 ET

ur welcome hun

2004-09-22 16:15:50 ET

Dating service subkultures account! woo woo!

2004-09-22 16:29:46 ET

hahaha... it's a wonderful thing

2004-09-22 17:55:39 ET

That's hot.

2004-09-23 02:28:37 ET

gay lovin' will set us free... that and it makes the ladies happy... and no one can deny that... i just wish to bring joy to others... :::nods:::

2004-09-23 07:04:30 ET

*laughs at Klemmy and Gabe* Utterly hilarious, guys. ^_^

Nuclear: I saw your apology but I am entitled to a reaction, dear. You said a lot of crap and then threw out an apology before I even got to defend myself or ask what crawled up your dark side. You're a confusing girl. And yes, it does have a thing or two to do with your age as 16 is very young. I used to be 16 and I was just as disrespectful as you are. Nonetheless, I'll say nothing more on the subject.

One more thing:
"I'm not where you got this name calling business. I said be a bitch then, not HEY RIVETANGEL, YOU'RE A BIG FAT BITCHY ATTENTION GETTING WHORE. No no, I just said be a bitch. I said something, and you took it wrong." Very immature indeed, Nuclear. 16 is definately your number.

2004-09-23 07:17:09 ET

I knew there was a reason I had this postit on my monitor that says "Do not piss off rivetangel"

2004-09-23 07:18:40 ET

I may be strong in my responses but I am cautious as to where the line stands. I do not call names and I use nothing but honest argument to make my point.

2004-09-23 13:52:18 ET

i kno, me and gabe are two pervert nuts....

2004-09-23 14:29:03 ET

I wasn't apologizing for you to shutup, I was apologizing because I was genuinely sorry. I'm not really disrespectful. I was just pointing out something. Matt is my friend as well, and it seemed to me - keyword here, seemed - that you were just telling him off. So that annoyed me.

And as for your witty remark about '16 is definitely your number' [I'm sure everyone was very impressed, I hope you feel better after getting that out of your system], I was merely stating that I wasn't calling you names, just saying that you were being rather bitchy about things.

You're confusing me as well - you say "I'll say nothing more on the subject" and then you try and insult me? Yeah, that's really mature. What I don't get is why you can't just drop this. My apology still stands.

2004-09-23 21:41:21 ET

i don't really want on eithers bad side... :-\... really i don't wanna hear no more

i'm just a pervert wantin' some happy attention... *hugs klemmy* soon things will return to peace... and hopefully not have the eye of the storm effect...

2004-09-23 23:38:04 ET

::hugs gabe:: dont worry my ball of gay love, this will all tide over...

2004-09-23 23:59:33 ET

:::sniffles::: soon hopefully

2004-09-24 00:56:01 ET

<_< -_- >_> its over...for now....

2004-09-24 03:00:40 ET

i don't like when people fight... we all just need to get along... if somethin' really bothers you that bad... take it to them in private... and get to know how they mean it... if they mean it as bad as you thought... then flip out on them... but this was all started by a big understanding... and it's no worth it... and i just want to be hugged... and loved... and if klemmy wasn't here i don't now what i would've done...

2004-09-24 07:43:25 ET


2004-09-24 19:15:48 ET

uhm... :::finger to chin::: O_o

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