2004-09-21 17:57:16 ET

DUDE THIS RULES. The song is just so badass. Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone! You gotta watch this shit. Look in the top right for the PLAY NOW button.

2004-09-21 18:33:15 ET

hahaha that's great

2004-09-22 05:06:45 ET

ahahah thats kinda old LOL but uhmmm is that the one where the guy explodes? I can't watch it at work

2004-09-22 10:09:04 ET

It's no baloney, it aint a pony, it's my cellular.... bananular phoooooone!

2004-09-22 10:51:42 ET

yea i'm gonna have that song stuck in my head... for a long time

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