welll shit
2004-09-22 03:38:42 ET

I've royally fucked up. I got a 90 on my first macro test, but I keep oversleeping and missing class. I had a test due monday that I overslept, then it was due again at 8 this morning and I overslept. That's like.. an automatic 60 on the test. Not to mention that I had to guess on half the test as it is.

2004-09-22 09:10:05 ET

i failed a chem test yesturday... hurray for tests

2004-09-22 10:08:10 ET

Ut oh.

2004-09-22 12:03:02 ET

Ouch. Can you make it up?

2004-09-22 12:44:03 ET

I turned it in today. He only took 20 points off the final grade. So i'm happy with that. 2 days late on a test, plus I'll be able to correct the incorrect answers.

2004-09-22 12:48:29 ET

How so?

2004-09-22 12:54:27 ET

He's going to give it back after he grades it, then I get to correct it. So then I should be able to get an 80 on the test, or 85.

2004-09-22 12:57:46 ET

Ahhh. That's neat!

2004-09-22 15:21:12 ET

that's great

2004-09-23 16:52:47 ET

thank the gods for gracious professors.

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