nice night
2004-09-26 15:56:56 ET

Whee, last night was hilarious. Big party over at Reed's house, (my new best friend) and like, it was awesome. We polished off a gallon of whiskey in under 20 minutes. Crazy drunk people! Hahah.

Well, the funny thing was this beautiful girl was hitting on me. But... she's my good friend's girlfriend. However, twenty minutes after that, her boyfriend is hitting on me and gives me a kiss. Later on, he's all "When me and Jeanette break up, it's YOU AND ME MOE!" So yeah. Life is good.

2004-09-26 16:30:27 ET

i say just all get together for a lovely threesome.

2004-09-26 16:43:26 ET

yea this seems like one of those threeway opportunities... i'd go for it

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