2004-09-27 22:19:04 ET

Hey guess what? My good friend Steve-o is fucking a girl in my closet right now. Isn't that cute? I think so. You can hear the moaning.. then the smacking and then.. Uhm.. yep.

2004-09-27 22:20:13 ET

hahaha that's pretty wild...

2004-09-27 22:46:07 ET

...just casually call out that you really think it's time he came out of the closet with his sex life...

2004-09-28 04:03:29 ET

that or stand outside the door start moaning... and tell them you like it that way... 'come on give it to her big boy, you know you want it'...

i wonder if that would ruin the mood O_o? haha

2004-09-28 04:16:17 ET

thats so hot. open and take a picture, dammit!


2004-09-28 04:43:41 ET

and post it!

with commentary

2004-09-28 04:54:38 ET

better yet try to find a camera... record it \m/...

2004-09-28 07:13:34 ET

Gabe we've never thought of this...put that on the to do list! :scribles that down, have sex in closet::

2004-09-28 15:38:18 ET

:::takes note:::.. it could be interesting :-D

2004-09-28 17:48:56 ET

*pictures klemmy and gabe having sex in closet, and hats and boxes bopping them in the head*


2004-09-28 19:16:40 ET

haha... we'll set up the camera... it'll be like a christmas card... but on tape... and we can send it to everyone to wish them a happy christmas... and give them a sneak peek of their presents falling all over us... :-)

2004-09-28 21:42:40 ET

u're on to something with we'll take a shot with spherissa.

2004-09-28 21:43:59 ET

oh no no no i and cameras are not friends


2004-09-28 21:44:52 ET

well will have to be hidden lol

2004-09-28 21:46:31 ET

laughs of course it will

in the bowling ball

2004-09-28 21:49:23 ET

nah, that's too obivious..i'm thinking the silly, tacky straw hat

2004-09-28 21:51:36 ET

but i was planning on using that to...
well never mind

2004-09-28 21:54:26 ET

me and gabe prolly would do it even if u have a huge camera...cuz we're both nuts

2004-09-28 22:05:38 ET

hm i hadn't noticed that :P

maybe u'll get one of those cameras that just Scream hello i am a phallic Symbol!
you know the big black telscopic ones

2004-09-28 22:07:08 ET

there u go. i'll make sure we bring thongs for me and gabe or would u prefer it to be nude?lol

2004-09-28 22:07:46 ET

well you know y'all could do a strip tease...

(hi xanithe *waves*)

2004-09-28 22:09:21 ET

u'd have to do one too then. or get us really liquored up... though knowing gabe, he'd start then i'd prolly follow suit regardless....

2004-09-28 22:50:34 ET

hahaha :-) tis very true... i'll strip at any givin' moment...

but yea... we were plannin' on actually using the straw hat as well.. O_o... i just know klem would look so good in it ;-)

2004-09-29 07:38:51 ET

all i got right now is a torn up StainD hat... i doubt a camera would fit in it..

2004-09-29 13:12:42 ET

yea probably not... uhm... we'll find somethin'

2004-09-29 13:14:28 ET

might kno where some cowboy hats are...

2004-09-29 13:15:22 ET

that would be a nice touch... i'll get the chaps

2004-09-29 13:25:14 ET

and i'll get bandanas too...

2004-09-29 13:25:45 ET

oh don't forget the holster's we'll need for our big 'guns' ;-)

2004-09-29 13:43:39 ET

::writes that down:: anything else?

2004-09-29 13:47:16 ET

oh cowboy boots with the lil' rotatin' things on da back

2004-09-29 13:47:50 ET

u mean spurs?

2004-09-29 13:48:49 ET

that's it;-)

2004-09-29 13:49:15 ET

so cowboy hats, boots with spurs...anything else

2004-09-29 14:01:21 ET

i think that'll do... :-)

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