2004-09-28 19:41:35 ET

So like yeah, my buddy Reed is always being this evil computer gamer person. He's always been playing Diablo 2 every time I go over to his apartment. Well, I'm fucked. I got sucked into the horrors of the game, and now I'm fanatical about it. Goddamn level 28 necromancers. I rule. Bow down. <3

2004-09-28 19:43:58 ET

yea i always get scared that i'll be sucked into a game... it happened when marrowind came along O_o i was glue'd to that game...

2004-09-28 21:55:35 ET

i traded my copy (my puter wasn't fast enough...but the price was liek 8 dollars at good will WHEN THE GAME FIRST CAME OUT!) for a porn collection.

2004-09-28 22:53:23 ET

pretty good trade \m/

2004-09-29 07:26:57 ET

I played D2 for a while. I had a kick ass 79 sword whirl barb

but I haven't played in over 6 mo so I know he's gone

2004-09-29 07:47:22 ET

yeah but i've gotten better porn since...

2004-09-29 13:18:06 ET

yea but porn is porn... it's a integral part of nature... that no game can replace O_o

2004-09-29 13:19:19 ET

unless it's a game which porn is the centerpiece and intergral (then again, u'd have one hand on penis another on controller/keyboard lol)

2004-09-29 13:19:49 ET

haha yea that'd be some tough workin' there

2004-09-29 13:20:03 ET

good hand, eye, penis coordination

2004-09-29 13:28:30 ET

it would be a challenge...maybe that's why the playboy game Riane Rouge blew...

2004-09-29 13:29:36 ET

probably so... too much to concentrate on... and only so many things you can work at the sametime... and keep a hard on... tough tough

2004-09-29 13:39:28 ET

only the true perverted gamers would be able to master it...

2004-09-29 13:39:56 ET

yea i'd give up... i'd have to get off to the intro...

2004-09-29 13:45:29 ET

so basically u'd be buying it over priced cuz it's game price of 50 dollars.

2004-09-29 14:01:42 ET

wooo... just for an intro O_o

2004-09-30 07:22:58 ET


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