Very very angry.
2004-09-30 01:02:48 ET

I came home today from eating at Checker's with Reed, and someone had written "No dick sucking, faggot cock sucker, no faggots allowed" in magic marker on my window. I screamed, I cussed, and I threw my neighbors chair into the garbage can. It wasn't him, but I know who it was: This moron who claims to be some white supremacist. So... what I did was to go around the ghetto of campus courtyard where he lives, and tell every black person there "Hey, you know that fat white kid with a shaved head? Well, he's a neo nazi and always talks about killing niggers" Shit hits the fan real soon, I promise you this. Nobody fucks with me, goddamnit.

2004-09-30 08:23:35 ET

I love you. You just ate his soul.

2004-09-30 08:44:17 ET

u are my hero...

2004-09-30 08:45:57 ET

I think we should make Matt some sort of award for 'best vengeful wrath of '04'.

2004-09-30 10:35:23 ET

it will feature a large foam finger that is flipping the bird....

2004-09-30 10:42:56 ET

...and a shiny golden bare ass with a bright red kiss on it.

2004-09-30 10:43:41 ET

with obscenties all over it.

2004-09-30 10:44:23 ET

Oh, yes.

We'd better get to work on this.

2004-09-30 10:45:57 ET

i elect u to do this. i'm an idea man, not a worker.

2004-09-30 11:47:42 ET

*grumble grumble*

How about we just pat him on the back, then?

2004-09-30 12:49:44 ET

i do think someone should make him like a little button for his page for it....that would be great...

2004-09-30 16:59:31 ET

Please don't get in too much trouble.

2004-09-30 17:13:34 ET

Heh, it was the fat kid running his mouth. My roommate was the one who did it. I'm in an interesting position right now. Trying to talk to people and shit.

2004-10-01 01:40:15 ET

yeah,talking would bea good idea so this fat fellow doesn't end up skined or something...

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