My roommate is an idiot
2004-10-14 06:47:42 ET

My roommate is a moron. All he does is smoke weed and eat shrooms all freaking day. i'm going up to the office in a few days to get him kicked out. It's really getting old. He doesn't clean, and uses so many dishes it's not even funny. Death to lazy people! I'm sick of cleaning this damn house every other day.

2004-10-14 07:01:04 ET

you should do some hippie shit kickin, and steal his drugs while your at it!

2004-10-14 07:32:32 ET

no death to lazy ppl...cuz what about the klemmy then?

2004-10-14 11:42:12 ET

Yeah. I hate hippies now. I even have a legitimate reason. He always listens to the worst music... This horrible happy la la fish or some shit. gargh. I hate hippies.

2004-10-14 12:04:21 ET

happy la la fish? lol

2004-10-15 06:03:36 ET

phish SUCKS!
and so does the greatful dead!!!

2004-10-15 21:09:03 ET

bob dylan with a lot less talent and more drugs=grateful dead

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