crazy people!
2004-10-15 19:22:44 ET

Jesus christ. My employer flipped the fuck out tonight. She was over at my apartment, and bugging everyone for weed, and nobody would give her any.Then she went to her neighbors apartment, and was asking them for weed and bugging the hell out of them. They aparrently wouldn't give her any, and she started freaking out. Screaming, cussing, and banging on their window or something. She went to her car and got part of an axe and started banging on their door and the railing around their apartment. Wow. Nuts. Absolutely.

I know she was drunk, and just started a new medication or something. I can't remember how it's spelled, but pronounced it sounds like colonapin. Police are everywhere, and the party at my apartment just completely died. What a night, and it's only just begun.

Homecoming = tomorrow. That will be fun hopefully.

2004-10-15 21:28:46 ET

nuts man.

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