Wissy teeth
2004-10-22 21:59:07 ET

I had my wisdom teeth out about.... 18 hours ago. One was impacted, infected, and the empty spot in my gum hurts really bad. My lymph node is inflamed,and hurts like all hell. It's painful to swallow. But other than that, I'm pretty good. I'm staying over at my grandmother's house, and these lovely family members of mine are taking care of me. Ah... it really is nice to be loved. I supopse I'll go home sunday or so. I dunno. I wish I could eat normally... I'm sooo hungry right now.

Anyways,my date didn't even happen. She was studying for a calc test, so we're going out monday or tuesday or so. It shouldn't be too terrible. Anyways that's all I can say I suppose. I love ya all. <3

2004-10-22 22:25:22 ET

Awww.... my heart goes out to ya.

Best wishes and love ya too!

2004-10-23 06:11:55 ET

good luck with the date!

2004-10-26 04:41:00 ET

what did you get for your teeth, like what type of pain pill

2004-10-26 06:07:49 ET


2004-10-26 06:55:20 ET

...I thought they made bicicles...

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