Official Party results
2004-10-31 03:02:21 ET

Official Halloween party has come and gone, and was quite the success. many many people whom I've never had the opportunity to meet showed up, and everyone seemed to have quite a lovely time.

The only problem I saw throughout the party was that people drank too fast damn it. The party started slowly winding down in only about 3 or so hours! Pah. But nevertheless, lots of people were still around even until about 2 am or so. That was the last time I saw them at least... I kicked everyone out of my room to have crazy bunny sex with my buddy Holly for a few hours. When I came out... hardly anyone was left Hah.

Nevertheless, this has been a great night, and I'm really looking forward to next year's party. This is just the first of many we'll throw at this apartment I'm sure.

Happy Halloween!

2004-10-31 10:42:18 ET

crazy bunny sex is always good.

2004-11-01 04:00:38 ET

Im glad you had a good halloween, and Im glad youre having good sex....hahaha

happy halloween

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