2002-03-23 05:51:03 ET

I'm amazed. In the last day, we have gotten 4 whole pages of new members here. Thats pretty damn scary. Nothing interesting ever happens in my life, its not fun at all. *sigh*.

The other day I finally finished another one of my songs, it actually turned out quite nicely. 6 minutes long, and I really like it. And so do a few other people. Anyways, good night world!

2002-03-23 06:17:21 ET

New people scare me... hold me Xani, I'm scared... *whines and pouts*

*lol* seriously now, it is kinda scary.

2002-03-23 14:48:38 ET

if only we were given strict orders not to troll the newbies. And they arent' even from the forum. These new people terrify me. What do they want with us? Will we become a melting pot of subcultures? Nu Gothic Raver Manson Punks. I fear for our future Xan, I really do.

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