I hate the gay population of statesboro.
2005-07-13 22:59:14 ET

gay men in statesboro suck. I learned today that some guy who I met a while back denied me a job because I was a "douchebag who was bad in bed." Apparently, I had slept with the guy (bullshit) and I sucked in bed. So I didn't get a fucking job. Fuck this town, and fuck gay men. Two faced assholes. I was always so friendly.... :(

2005-07-14 01:13:23 ET


2005-07-14 10:02:01 ET

Sounds more like that particular guy was an asshole.

2005-07-14 12:55:50 ET

Don't overgeneralize Xanithe. That's real mean. Straight men, lesbians, bisexuals of both genders, and straight women could say that you're bad in bed too.

2005-07-14 13:04:27 ET

Ok let me make it more clear then

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