2005-07-14 13:50:54 ET

If you have never heard of the decemberists, now is the time. Go to Ares and download "Mariner's Revenge Song" By Decemberists. If you don't, god will come from my eyeballs, and you will fry like an onion ring. This is the ultimate pirate song. Because pirates are cool. Why are you still reading this? Go DOWNLOAD THE FUCKING SONG.

2005-07-14 14:17:37 ET

The Decemberists rule.
Good to see you're still with us :)

2005-07-14 17:30:25 ET

heh it's ok. a good pirate song though is Flogging Molly's Cruel Mistress

2005-07-14 18:51:56 ET

OMG. I listen to the Mariners Revenge Song almost every night. ♥

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