2005-07-18 15:41:08 ET

Anyone ever heard of this band? I bet you haven't. I do a google search and come up with year old interviews with the lead singer. They no longer have a record label, and their website doesn't exist any more. :( I went to Dancin' in the district in Nashville and saw these guys play. They rock out, but now they don't exist. I'm sad... So sad. I've got their CD though, so that makes me smile.

Pardon the retarded 14 year old blog style entry.

2005-07-18 20:56:56 ET

when were you in nashville? stop following me years after the fact.

2005-07-18 21:05:45 ET

About 4 years ago :)

2005-07-18 22:50:40 ET

me too!!! did you live there?

2005-07-19 09:55:43 ET

Nope, was visiting girlfriend's family for a week. It was really fun.

2005-07-20 05:12:37 ET

nashville sucks.

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