Breaking up?
2005-07-23 23:04:54 ET

Nobody ever told me that breaking up with someone is just as bad as being broken up with by someone. This sucks. But I knew it wasn't going to last forever, it couldn't, I wouldn't be happy, and I couldn't show the love really required to continue a healthy relationship.

What a fucking day.. Right now there's this 5'1, 115 LB girl seeping naked in my bed, and I just look at her like "sigh.. whatever" It's funny, we both seem to be going through the exact same situation. She broke up with her 9 month boyfriend today, and I broke up with my 6 month girlfriend today. And we both just needed the push to do it, even though we both feel guilty.

We've had the same kinds of problems, we just can't really break up with someone who wants you so bad, and we just feel guilty, yet talk shit about them behind their backs..

But this has been such a learning experience. I finally have learned to break up with someone who I feel is not right for me, instead of letting the misery grow inside of me. Hopefully next time, I won't just be miserable. I'll know what to do when I have doubts for any large amount of time.

Oh god, rambling. So sorry kids. Any support or thoughts you guys can give would be REALLY appreciated right now.

2005-07-23 23:10:32 ET

*"Breaking up is hard to do" lyrics run through her head* You did the right thing Xani, bad relationships are meant to end and now she'll be more likely to find someone who is right for her, as will you.

2005-07-23 23:59:15 ET


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