2005-07-24 05:37:31 ET

4 days ago, a catalyst came to my apartment that would eventually lead to me breaking up with my girlfriend (which needed to be done) getting me completely coked out of my mind for 3 days straight, drunk, my house cleaned, and a crapload of free cigarettes. And now it's gone. Apparently Meagan's official Ex boyfriend is so close with her mother that he told her all the shit that's been going on, and her mother just came to get her. And she isn't coming back. Poor girl is probably going to rehab or something. I still have a few days to talk about all this with my friends before all our leases expire and we'll be moving into different places.

Oi Oi oi, what a freaking week. In the end, I have a clean house, cigarettes, and I've probably made one of my better decisions in life which was to not let a relationship continue that probably never would have worked. And then, the memories of odd times shared with new people. This is one of the times that I say "Wow"

It seems as though these crazy events are over with now, but I have a haunting feeling that this is only the beginning. This is going to come back to bite me on the ass. I feel it.

If I could have foreseen this kind of weird real life shit happening to me, I would have never been such a whiny brat when I lived with my parents. I always wanted weird drama like this to happen to me, and here I have it. It's not what I expected. It's more like me watching a movie, and yet I know it's happening to me. I don't regret any of it, because it's all happening around me, and not to me...

2005-07-26 22:30:41 ET

Now you know. When one's life turns as dramatic as television, it's not all fun and candyland. Blah. Life is crazy.

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