2005-07-26 14:23:52 ET

This is fucking weird, and I think I'm going nuts. But..

Every dream I have is about Sara and I. And every dream I have about her, she's not there. I'm fucking tormented in my sleep because of this, I can't do anything but sleep all day, and when I wake up, I go back to sleep. I'm going to need medicine for this shit to stop, I can tell right now. This doesn't happen to me, I usually dream about people that don't exist.

2005-07-26 17:02:07 ET

I remember feeling like that... over 2 years ago, now. Just give it time. You don't have to take anything to stop it. Just give yourself time. I took stuff to stop it, and it didn't stop anything. Just delayed it for a while. Put a blanket over it.. unable to vocalize it, isn't the same as allowing it to all pass through you. When I took the blanket off, even though it'd been a year... it was like starting over, from the first day.. all over again.

2005-07-26 17:39:01 ET

Maybe it's because you're unresolved over the whole thing? Have you talked to her?

2005-07-26 18:15:01 ET

Yeah we talked, it wasn't a pretty conversation. But we've talked. It'll just take time.

2005-07-26 18:23:44 ET


2005-07-26 21:36:31 ET

Dreaming is often our subconscious' way of working through things. Just don't get upset about it and it should pass.

2005-07-26 22:25:34 ET

Yeah, heh, that's what my mother said.

2005-07-26 22:31:35 ET

It does eventually end.

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