2005-08-01 12:27:29 ET

So I moved back home on Friday, and there's nothing to do here except watch TV while riding an excersize bike. I haven't eaten anything all day today, I've ridden 11 miles, burned like 600 calories, and my heartrate doesn't increase until I hit like 33 MPH. What a life

At least by the time classes start, I'll be thinner than jesus.

I love stores that I can fill out applications online. It makes it look like I'm really trying to get one of those non-existent jobs in statesboro, and it pleases my family. Ugh. Stupid lack of a job market.

2005-08-02 23:41:53 ET

What stores are these?

We should compete with how much thinner than Jesus we each get this summer. Ick; I hate disappearing into nothingness.

2005-08-03 10:30:40 ET

Sounds good to me. I'm just waiting for classes to start and all, so the thinner the better! Which makes no sense whatsoever, but whatever.

2005-08-03 12:09:41 ET

That was definitely one of the odder sentences. And I am so winning this contest.

2005-08-03 14:55:23 ET

No, you cannot. With my 20 mile bike ride a day. You will bow down, child. I shall pwn you.

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