2005-08-11 08:55:51 ET

Haircut.. First time in almost a decade that it's been short. I actually think It looks good.

2005-08-11 11:15:44 ET ...short ...oww my brain

2005-08-11 20:36:30 ET

whoa, got the pictures to prove it?!

2005-08-12 09:24:25 ET

Picture is up kid, or didn't you notice? :D

2005-08-12 12:27:39 ET

Now if you brushed it, it could look good. :)

2005-08-12 15:21:10 ET

Ahahaha, That is a pretty weird looking picture on the side of my head. Hahah. The stylist gelled it like it, and it sorta stayed that way.

2005-08-12 18:53:55 ET


2005-08-17 21:13:51 ET


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