Bladerunner SUUCKS T_T
2005-09-09 17:19:07 ET

I finally got my copy of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? the other day, and read the entire book in a day. Then today I watched bladerunner for the first time, and realized.. HOLY SHIT THAT MOVIE SUCKS.

No Mercer, no Buster and his friendly friends, and no empathy box! WTF?! That has to be the worst change from movie to book I've ever seen. Roy is.. however, a badass.

2005-09-09 17:27:25 ET

I've yet to see a book movie that didn't lose something integral in its' translation from the pages.

Still, although nowhere near as powerful as the book, I thought bladerunner as a movie managed to incorporate some pretty powerful mental imagery.

Which reminds me, I need to go back to the library and finish reading the sequel.

2005-09-09 19:51:02 ET

I love that book. and I've never seen blade runner. Now I have no motivation to see bladerunner.

2005-09-09 20:33:25 ET

The name of that book kind of reminds me of "Are Friends Electric?" Yeah.

Anyways.. I will definitely have to check out that book someday. <3

2005-09-10 08:22:59 ET

Well, books always lose something when going to movie, however, Do Androids? Lost some of the main things about it that made it such a good sci-fi/philosophy book.

2005-09-10 08:35:28 ET

there's definitely very little in common between the two. I love them both though.

2005-12-10 08:13:22 ET

the same thing happened for me when i saw Equilibrium BEFORE i saw THX... for shame! Sure equilibrium was slicker but what a rip off!

"whats wrong? .. what's wrong?"

"you know I don't feel well..."

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