2002-04-12 08:53:02 ET

I don't see how my networking fundamentals class can be out for an entire week. My lame-o teacher is not there. So I come home every every day. Go up there, come back home. Oooer. Whats up with that? I'm so lucky that I have Fridays off. I like having a 3 day weekend every weekend. fun fun.

2002-04-12 08:56:51 ET

lol I'm moving in a month and I have to work 6 days a week 12 hours a day up until then so I'm pretty busy lol you come see me!

2002-04-12 14:12:26 ET

I can't *cry* no car..... nothing.

2002-04-13 13:36:23 ET


2002-04-15 20:14:37 ET

I have 4-day week-ends!

2002-04-16 22:30:20 ET

yer evil rabid. i have 1 day weekends if i'm lucky

2002-04-17 09:44:44 ET

hehehe My lovely lazy lifestyle ahhhhh

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