The greatest dream.
2006-01-06 03:53:00 ET

I usually don't remember most of my dreams, but last night... I dreamt of ZOMBIES! Yes our flesh eating friends made an appearance within my dreams! How cool is that? I remember a friend hitting some zombie kid in the head with a giant hammer. Mmm.

I also remember running around the woods with a few people trying to get away from the zombies, and some old people's home and they wouldn't let us in. Fuckers.

2006-01-06 08:35:17 ET

I am a dedicated employee

2006-01-06 09:20:15 ET

Damn it! I wanna have that dream!
I heart zombies 'n' zombie flicks.

2006-01-06 09:54:43 ET

Hahah. Yeah it was pretty awesome. It had some video game elements in there too! Some Thief and Blood stuff. Craziness.

2006-01-06 13:27:44 ET

Zombie-oriented firearms loadout guide: Stick with 9mm or .38, as you can carry a shitload of them. Remember, all it takes is one shot to the head, and either of those calibers will do JUST FINE. People with Desert Eagles are overcompensating and will run out of ammunition pretty quickly. Use a good, reliable firearm, not a flashy one. A handgun will be fine, automatic weapons are completely unnecessary and will make firing discipline and ammunition conservation very difficult. For any long-range work, such as supporting someone else or attempting rescue, a semi-automatic .22 rifle with well-adjusted sights or a scope will allow you to drive nails, and more importantly, make clean headshots so that you can quickly thin out crowds consisting of as much ammunition as you can carry. Keep in mind that you are working with as much as you can carry. There is no military supply line to back you up and keep you stocked unless you set one up, and even then, you don't want to take that for granted. Remember, zombies typically are slow (aside from in recent fiction) and fragile in their weak spot (the head), so if you stay calm, take your time, aim carefully, and conserve ammunition (aforementioned tips in this sentence will help with that -- all is interrelated), you can survive, and you might not ever see a zombie get within 5 feet of you.

Thief stuff? Did you have holy water arrows?

2006-01-07 02:17:37 ET

No, I was just hidding under tables with the two zombies running around the table making the same noises that they do in Thief. Haha :D

2006-01-08 10:46:42 ET

thats wierd I had a zombie dream a few days ago.

most frustrating moment was when I took a shotgun from a police car and it was loaded with blanks! so bad to line up perfectly on a zombies face at 10 feet and hear the report of a shotgun but to just see a bit of smoke come out the barrel =(

I ended up bludgeoning them with a golf club. not even a driver. just one of the irons.

also re zombie survival, .45 is acceptable esp considering that 9mm and .38 may lack the force to stop a determined human enemy and may even be preferable considering the proven durability of the 1911a1

for rifles 5.56 nato and 7.62 nato are also acceptible as you can scavenge them at any gun store walmart police station or national guard barracks.

silence is key. if you can get a supressor do so.

and do not neglect the master key. a durable 12ga shotgun. try a mossberg 590.

also, if you've never used a pistol before it is NOT a point and shoot procedure. practice practice practice. If you go into it without training of any sort I would say go with the shotgun and try not to fire unless they're within 20 feet.

2006-01-09 12:14:41 ET

As for stopping power: What I'm saying is that it is unnecessary to really even consider stopping power. The unifying element of most zombie fiction is that headshots are all that matter. If a baseball bat can cause brain damage, I'm sure a 9mm bullet will do just fine.

Carrying multiple handguns that all use different calibers would be good.

In the guide/plan I wrote prior to the blurb here, I had included silencers. Don't know why I left that out.

I have used a pistol before and am aware of what it entails. Still, as far as capacity for ammunition goes, one could carry (does 5 sound right?) 9mm bullets in the space a shotgun shell would take. While engaging at range is a waste of ammunition (less likely to hit, less likely target can reach you to engage before you can evade), with bullets you'd still have the option, at least, in addition to aforementioned benefits.

The most important thing is just managing panic.

2006-01-09 12:45:32 ET

thats right.

another thing to consider is Sub Machine Guns. Hard to own in the US but since they use pistol calibers the ammo is easy to find.
+large clips
+longer barrel=more accurate
+smaller than a rifle
-Bigger than a pistol
-Happy switch (burst, full auto) = wasted ammo in panic mode

2006-01-09 12:57:05 ET

I hadn't considered it strictly because of the temptation to waste ammunition factor. I suppose that's not too big a deal, though, with the other advantages. And managing panic would take care of the temptation.

Backup (handguns) is still important.

2006-01-09 13:01:11 ET

of course. and a knife.

I've uh considered this sort of thing alot. I'm Miklos on that board.

2006-01-09 14:00:51 ET

If I had more frequent Internet access, I bet I'd join that.

I'd want to have one of the Paul Chen Hanwei practical katanas, though.

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