2006-01-10 04:33:24 ET

Classes started yesterday, which is awesome. I have world lit 1, environmental geology+lab, intro to IT, and world history 2.

One thing I can say about that literature class is..


2006-01-10 05:50:23 ET

happy classes

2006-01-10 06:29:48 ET

w00t Gilgamesh! I'm a total lit geek.

2006-01-10 06:30:55 ET

Yeah, me too. And Gilgamesh is just.. amazing. I love when Ishtar is threatening Anu. And zombies will devour infants!

2006-01-10 07:16:35 ET

Not to mention that it's pretty much the mother of all epics!

And as far as the zombies go -- gotta love ancient Sumeria (Evil Dead and all...)

2006-01-11 06:23:05 ET

Oops. I meant: I will loose the goddamn devil. I will make corpses rain from the sky. I will make zombies eat infants. There will be more dead souls than living!

That is the all time greatest quote ever.

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