The Decemberists
2006-10-29 19:29:22 ET

So this weekend I took a little travel up to Atlanta with a good friend of mine for a Decemberists concert. Most amazing thing ever. It was such a blast. Too bad now it's time to focus on real life again. grr. If you haven't heard of the Decemberists, you must look em up! greatest band ever.

2006-10-30 00:09:04 ET

I can never remember any of their other songs except for the one about a whale.


2006-10-30 08:19:38 ET

I'm sorry I'm never on aim. I've got class, work, and other things I"m always stuck doing, so I'm just randomly at home.

2006-10-30 10:18:19 ET

I see how much we matter.
I kid, I kid.
That's cool you're at least doing stuff though?

2006-10-30 12:31:24 ET

Yeah. I remember when I first joined sykoforums then subkultures....I was all emo and depressed all the time. Getting older definitely rocks. Heh. You know I love you, and if I still had no life at all, I'd totally talk to you all the time :)

2006-10-30 18:16:38 ET

thanks <33

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