2002-07-31 18:29:41 ET

Storm today, and my modem got friend! ack blagh sputter. This sucks, I'm on my grandmother's computer where freakin TELNET runs slowly. isn't that terrible? ugh I hate celeron processors.

2002-07-31 18:35:17 ET

If that happened to me...i would die! how long is it out for?

2002-07-31 19:07:32 ET

i dont think you would die gurl, but if you think so....

sorry bout your sitch xan. that sucks monkey arse...good luck on a no-storm future ;)

2002-07-31 19:55:36 ET

Dunno how long its out.. I have to get a new modem, and with no job/money, I'm kinda screwed for a while. This really sucks though, I can't believe I have to use this piece of crap computer.

2002-07-31 21:27:30 ET

don't you have a surge protector on all your computers??

2002-08-01 10:59:40 ET

Of course I do, Syko, actually, my modem got fried through the phone line. Its already happened to my grandmother's computer nearly three times now. It really sucks, I just got back from looking for a new modem, and no store sells a freakin 56k modem. All sold out.

2002-08-01 11:05:04 ET


2002-08-04 07:45:55 ET

friend eh? not fried? LOL Poor Xanithe's computer...

2002-08-06 06:41:15 ET

Do I keep saying Friend? I mean to say friend.. blah blah. Well I got the modem from my mom's computer, so I haven't been totally bored all the past week or so. I should be getting a new modem int he next day or so. yay me

2002-08-11 14:50:49 ET


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