2002-04-17 09:35:17 ET

3rd post in 30 minutes. w00t me.

I've been looking around, and everywhere I go, EVERY is dating someone else. I'm seriously like the only person here who is not single. Its rather depressing really. This is my call for help! Someone fucking come and abduct me from statesboro Georgia. PLEASE!

2002-04-17 09:38:24 ET

Will you pay my travel expenses?

2002-04-17 09:41:57 ET

If I can steal the money from somewhere. Would you come?

2002-04-17 09:46:19 ET

If I can sneak away for enough time... Ian probably wouldn't be too keen if he heard that I was kidnapping some guy from Georgia.

2002-04-17 09:53:00 ET

and? Tell him to fuck off. Nobody should be controlling you.

2002-04-17 10:17:13 ET

He doesn't actually control me... just asks 101 questions that I don't feel like answering.

2002-04-17 10:32:13 ET

I'll take Ian out for a night of boozing while you abduct Xan and bring him here.

2002-04-17 10:49:34 ET

Only if you give me man-loving.

2002-04-17 11:05:38 ET

Bio, if I gave you loving, you wouldn't know what the fuck hit you.

2002-04-17 11:06:16 ET

Umph. To fiend and leashy. Yeah, that sounds like a damn good plan. Come come ! But you better have sex with me leashy. or find me someone who will.

2002-04-17 16:07:30 ET

nobody is single here?

um. right.

2002-04-17 18:05:36 ET

I have have come to far to cheat on my fiancÚ.
I'm sure I'll be able to find someone who will; as one of my friends said "All girls are easier when they're in Plattsburgh".

2002-04-18 06:39:28 ET

I offered to come steal you away...

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