Must meet Vasa!
2002-08-06 06:42:35 ET

Vasa, this is mainly directed torwards you.. I'm trying my best to meet up with you guys this weekend, sucks being 17 though :P My mom is hysterical when it comes to this type of thing. Of course, we all know you're a crazy ass killah! AIM me more often so we can meet up y0!

2002-08-06 06:47:17 ET

... For copious amounts of homosexual intercourse?

2002-08-06 06:53:34 ET

no sex!!!

Wel Xanithe tell her it is gonna be 3 other people...a 16 yr old too :O

2002-08-07 11:11:02 ET

No Bio, you're a fucking idiot, quit posting that shit in my journal.

2002-08-07 11:12:07 ET

yeah BIO!

2002-08-11 14:52:17 ET

I hope y'all met up and had fun!

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