2009-07-18 22:04:13 ET


Super cool. DOS emulator. Now I can load up old school games that don't run on XP.

Blood, duke nukem 3d, shadow warrior. Cheers.

2009-08-07 23:48:44 ET

Emulation sucks. Virtualize instead. Probably much easier, cleaner, more accurate. Download VirtualBox and FreeDOS. You don't even have to burn FreeDOS to a CD to install it. You can have VirtualBox mount the ISO image and treat it like a CD, for much faster access speed than you'd get using optical media anyway. The possibilities with virtualization are numerous and awesome.

I think I shall track down Halloween Harry and play, using my own suggestions. :D Hard to remember all of the games I used to play back then. Lots of them were just shareware, but it's what I had then.

As for Duke Nukem 3d, there are native Win32 ports compatible with XP/Vista/7 that would do a much better job than DOS emulation or virtualization in the first place. See JFDuke3D and/or EDuke32. High resolution packs are optional, but can be cool. If you feel you must have some kind of "purist" "oldschool" experience, running the original Duke3d binaries on FreeDOS might be best. You could even designate separate, strict memory-limited virtual machines all to host their own individual games, so that you may run more than one at a time, for whatever reasons you might come up with for doing so. Again, virtualization is so awesome.

Oh, Blood and Shadow Warrior, both being Build engine games, should have some native win32 source ports available too.

Another idea is that you could set up a Windows 98 virtual machine to host all your older games on. Might be simpler.

2009-08-13 21:42:44 ET

Actually, there are no imports yet for blood or shadow warrior. Duke is the only game usable in win32 applications. Currently my dos emulation is working just grand once I allocated enough ram ....36 megs hah. I'll check out 98 virtual machinery for linux as that's my new project. Ubuntu is pwn.

2009-08-14 00:50:00 ET

"On April 1, 2005 3D Realms released the source code for Shadow Warrior under the GPL, which resulted in the first source port a day later on April 2, 2005."
http://icculus.org/shadowwarrior/ - Linux source port. You didn't SAY "playable." ;) But... http://www.jonof.id.au/jfsw

Anyway, emulation will always be unstable and inaccurate next to virtualization.

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