2009-08-04 01:37:19 ET

The entire incident with the harvard professor is nothing short of ridiculous.

Neither party is credible at this point due to their blatant racist comments. Of course the black Harvard professor has to claim it's a black/white problem, and the police officer just has to send the racist email to everyone. Both have been pretty discredited, thus we should continue about our lives the cop should be reinstated, and everyone should pretend like nothing happened.

2009-08-21 02:43:39 ET

My supervisor is black and he said it's not a black/white issue. It's a blue/black issue.

Apparently black cops are more racist against black people.

not all of em, I assume, but that's what he says

2009-08-21 10:19:10 ET

I've actually heard about that kinda stuff.

Generally black police treat black people about as bad as white police do.

Kinda weird.

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