Almost, I can be FREE!
2002-03-24 15:46:55 ET

Thank god, after tonight, I can have the internet back all day long once again. I miss being able to read the boards at my will. My annoying cousin is finally leaving tonight I think. That makes me happy. I can actually do SOMETHING for Sykospark and Moxie. Cheer! Hurray for sunday.

2002-03-24 16:03:47 ET

we thought you just didnt' like us anymore
and that your cousin
was an excuse

2002-03-24 16:18:15 ET

Xanithe turn 18 DAMMIT!!!! I was in Statesboro this weekend ... anyways.... I was also in Savannah and Tybee Island. I will be in Brunswick tommorrow. It's ok I know your family wil be scared of seeing a real life black person, I understand... soon we will meet and make beautiful, loud music for all to hear!!!

2002-03-24 18:45:21 ET

Yayyyyy!!!! Xan is back. And soon Xan I shall introduce our absentee friend Rabid to this community. She will be back tomorrow night. Mwaa ha ha ha ha

2002-03-24 19:15:04 ET

God damnit Vasa. I never said they had never seen a black person before!! Jeez d00d. Its not that, its about "meeting evil people on the internet" or some shit. I say fuck em though. As soon as I can get away for day, I'm coming to vist your musical ass.

2002-03-24 19:17:15 ET

And syko, if I didn't like you anymore, I would tell you that you're a total fucking dolt, and I don't like you. Which is not the case. I love you guys.

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