Come to think of it..
2002-09-01 12:52:04 ET

Any good suggestions on music? I need something new to listen to rather than switch between all four funker vogt cds over and over and over each day. Any specific songs I could get off of Audiogalaxy? Industrial (hopefully)

2002-09-01 13:01:32 ET

Baah . AG is dead. vi va le soulseek! . Anyway, if you don't know em' there's an Israeli EBM group which are pretty cool called Observe & Control . He's pretty damn good. If you want Industrial there's an Israeli group called Vultures I've only heard one or two of their material, but they're not bad either.

2002-09-01 13:20:51 ET

hmm yeah ebm, I'm tired, ebm would be good. Thanks I'll give them a listen and see what I think.

2002-09-01 13:34:52 ET

stuff to check out:
Imminent Starvation (ant-zen)
Esplendor Geometrico (not sure of the label)
Christoph de Babalon (Digital Hardcore Recordings)
Einsturzende Neubauten (various labels)

all vaguely industrial.
it was all on audiogalaxy, so you can probably find it on other file-sharing servers.
or i'll send you some if you've got a fast connection.

2002-09-01 15:18:49 ET

Knowing your taste for Funker Vogt, check out

imperative reaction
but especially check out Melotron.

if you want, IM me and ill send you some.

2002-09-02 19:52:41 ET

Spice it up with some Fictional and Ravenous. :-P

2002-09-03 06:40:43 ET

Why did AG have to die??? Why!!!!!

2002-09-03 09:30:43 ET

I already have Ravenous :P

and.. when the hell did AG die? That really sucks, I loved that place.

2002-09-03 13:57:56 ET

Did you check out Soulseek? It has lottsa lottsa electronic music!

Heh, Fictional. I'm listening to Blue Lights right now.

2002-09-03 17:23:10 ET

I have no farkin idea how to use that..*g* and I was too lazy to learn when I downloaded it.

2002-09-04 07:51:18 ET

it has a faq, you lazy bum. :)

2002-09-04 07:53:15 ET

Well, you said it for me, I'm lazy! :p

2002-09-04 07:54:22 ET

So no muziq for u! heh.

2002-09-04 08:01:24 ET

total, you got AIM?

2002-09-04 15:06:30 ET

Yup. I tried AIMing you before. I'm Telecart1.

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