2002-09-12 08:01:51 ET

A pre algebra class that I was taking this quarter, I don't see how it is POSSIBLE for most of the class to fail. Not only fail the class this time, but some of the people in there have failed the same class FOUR times already! It's pre algebra for god's sake!

2002-09-12 08:05:49 ET

lol, that is pretty sad.

2002-09-12 08:22:00 ET

wait a sec. youre 17 and in prealgebra?!

2002-09-12 09:03:52 ET

College :P

I fucked up on the entrance exam to this place, it was like 8 in the morning, and I wasn't really in the mood to do math.

2002-09-12 09:17:38 ET

lol ah okay. i got forried for a sec.

2002-09-12 10:25:47 ET

pre algebra haha

2002-09-18 13:06:43 ET

not a clue what "pre algebra" is. Algebra bites, though.

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