Because I'm hardly ever here.
2002-04-30 09:21:26 ET

People have asked me why I never post here any more, its because of the fact that I'm actually IN SCHOOL. So don't expect me to post often. I'm lucky if I get to post once a week or less.

Anyways, class is fun, in fact I'm sitting here right now. Have fun all.. later later!

2002-04-30 10:11:05 ET

Why don't you post when you're on AIM at night then?

2002-04-30 10:51:40 ET

Lazy, and its not like anything I do in life is worth posting. Its the same thing over and over again.

2002-04-30 15:14:04 ET

Well you could make up stuff... it's not like we'll know.

2002-05-02 15:50:07 ET

Shhhh....he does make stuff up

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